Thank you for calling on Elite Tile. We welcome the opportunity to provide you with information about the best and most complete ceramic tile service available. Although tile contractors provide a variety of services both inside and outside the home, the services can generally be narrowed down to only a few, and by telling you about these, I’ll be able to give you an idea of what tile setting is about and what it usually cost.

Tub/Shower Combinations (Tub Surrounds) For several decades builders in our area and others have been installing ceramic tile over nothing more than sheetrock in wet areas such as showers and Tubs. This can be evident by the number of people calling almost daily with tiles falling off the wall and into the tub. Sheetrock is light gypsum sandwiched between two sheets of paper. Once the paper gets wet, the problem begins. How long it takes for the problem to become apparent depends on how often the tub/shower is used and how it has been maintained.

Ceramic wall tiles contrary to belief are not water-proof.They need something behind them that is water-proof. We use a backer board over the sheetrock.

We do not repair “Sheetrock showers.” We tear them out and start from scratch. Including all labor and the cost of materials excluding tile, it runs $900-$1000 for a tub without a window and $1100-$1300 if there is a window in the tiled area. Ceramic tile shower stalls are priced individually, based on the amount of time they will take to complete. A typical 3 by 3 or 3 by 4 shower will start at $1,900 in labor – plus the cost of tile. Shower pan replacements (shower bottoms) begin at $1,000 complete.

Kitchen Floors: There are a number of installers who espouse putting the tiles over vinyl linoleum. I am one of those guys. If I can’t get the vinyl up with a heavy-duty scraper, then it is stuck. Today’s technology provides us with adhesive that will adhere to vinyl. I have done this several times and have never had a problem.

Tile is sold and installed by the square foot. We charge approximately $3.00 per square foot for installation. If vinyl does have to be removed we charge 75 cents per square foot simply for the hassle of hauling it off. Smaller floor areas (bathrooms, entries etc.) will be priced a higher rate depending their size and complexity.

We charge $ 50.00 to remove appliances and $75.00 to remove and reset toilets.

We are neat and clean workers, but I do absolutely guarantee a fine layer of dust on everything in the room being re-floored.

In the Tulsa area we have problems with shifting slabs and ground subsidence. When slabs crack after tiles have been installed, the tiles will crack to and We can’t guarantee that might not happen. We haven’t experienced a great many problems, but I want you to be aware of the possibility. Certain areas of town are worse than others, and the best philosophy is not to worry about it unless it happens. Cracked tiles can be replaced.

There are various crack isolation membranes that can be applied to the slab prior to installation. All of these systems are expensive, with the least expensive adding about $3.00 a foot the cost of the project. Crack isolation membranes may or may not prevent tiles from cracking. It depends on the size and nature of the slab crack. Therefore, we do not guarantee against cracked tiles as a result of a cracked slab even with an isolation membrane system in place.

We do not install tiles directly over wood floors Some sort of masonry “substrate” must be provided. This can cost $2.00 per square foot or more.

We install natural marble, granite and slate tiles (expensive), and paving bricks (also expensive labor wise).

Our business is labor – that’s how we make money – I can do certain jobs on a turn-key basis depending on the situation but for the most part I like to let the customer take care of purchasing the tile. We will be more than happy to direct you to some excellent showrooms around town.

Unless prior arrangement is made, payment is due when the work is completed. Checks made to Elite Tile or Keith Modlin are usually the form of payment, but cash is accepted, of course. We are in the process of setting up to accept credit cards and we will post the information as soon as possible.

About Contractors

Buy your business cards and you’re a contractor in Oklahoma. We have no government agency to regulate us, and it is therefore important to check out the person you’re hiring. References, freely given, are the best method of determining whether a contractor is reputable. Get as many as you can and take the time to call the people. Contractors who have nothing to hide will gladly give you as many references as you want.

I generally install all the tile myself and I generally have one helper unless the job is extremely big.

We are looking forward to doing business with you. And don’t forget that I tried my very best to give it to you “straight” on the ceramic tile business.

Thank you
Keith Modlin

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